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At Nisa, we firmly believe in nurturing your internal health. Our approach focuses on basic food science, No need to starve a simple balanced diet can bring positive changes. Over the past 2 years, we've successfully assisted over 250 clients, guiding them through a healthy weight loss program rooted in traditional practices and food. Join our program now to heal your body holistically. Our diet plans don't starve you they transform your body healthily. Witness the difference within a week.

Let us share the inspiring journey of our dietitian, Nikita. A self-transformed individual, Nikita earned her diploma in DNHE from IGNOU in 2022. During her studies she personally underwent a remarkable transformation through a commitment to a healthy diet and regular exercise shedding an impressive 12 kgs within 8 months without stepping foot in a gym. Post-diploma Nikita started Nisa, extending her expertise in crafting diets that emphasize weight loss through a balanced diet without affecting internal health and delivering sustainable results. Her dedication has garnered attention and trust, making her a sought-after figure in the field of nutrition.

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